Where you become the person who doesn't care if there are cookies in the office.

*Unless they’re your favorite, fresh chewy oatmeal ginger cookies. Eat that cookie slowly and enjoy every last bite

Uncover the real cause of emotional eating with this 5-minute self-assessment


"It’s not just talking about food battles. Brooke’s given me action steps to get my brain and body on the same page

….which is something that’s never happened before.

I experienced some lightbulb moments and mindset shifts even in my first couple of sessions with Brooke. She has a very calming and supportive vibe that helped me feel comfortable diving deep into my food battles.” 

- Kelly

It's time to end your dysfunctional relationship with food


(you can stay friends)

Must Ask Question:

How many hours (or days or decades) have you spent white-knuckling through food cravings?

...pouring over wheat-free recipes, acai’s uncertain status as a superfood, and keto supplement clickbait...

...beating yourself up

…raw juice fasting, master cleansing, and doing an extra hour on the elliptical because you ate two pieces of pizza you “shouldn’t” have…

Imagine eating that cookie (or kale salad) whenever you’re hungry and effortlessly stop eating when you’ve had enough.

...without really thinking about it at all the rest of the time.  

Or feeling like you have to starve yourself the next day or triple your time at the gym.

And show up to your next big presentation or client meeting knowing that your audience is listening to your brilliant message, not judging your body and scrutinizing your outfit.

You’re in the right place.

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Hey there, I'm Brooke,

Mindful Eating Expert

I help powerful women stop overeating, stop punishing themselves, and stop hiding their bodies so they can start saying "yes" to dream clients, dinner dates, and designer dresses.



"It was okay to have the brownie or the glass of wine. And because it was OK, I ended up not even wanting it.  That was very exciting! 

... It’s 100% worth it!

My biggest struggle with food is using it as a coping mechanism and then feeling really guilty about it.  And since I already felt bad about it, I would just eat more junk because I thought, “what’s the point”. My biggest win was being more aware of what I’m eating and developing a positive relationship with food.” 

- Syeda

What happens when you stop worrying about self control and tune into your body's natural cues?


You get to spend more time growing your revenue, reducing your carbon footprint, and winning at board games with your friends…

...and less time thinking about cookies.


You'll also experience this awesomeness...

Relieve bloating, insomnia, and all-around misery of alternating between overeating and undereating

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Eat your favorite things whenever you want to... without fear of spiraling into chaos and eating the whole box.

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Free yourself from micromanaging your meals so you can focus your energy on nailing your sales presentations and celebrating with your sweetie.

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Desire to eat nourishing foods you like, when you’re hungry, and stop when you’ve had enough.

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Eradicate dependence on your emergency chocolate drawer (you can still eat chocolate but it will have zero to do with your emotional emergencies)

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Activate confidence in your body

...and intimacy with your partner.

New Mindful Eating isn’t a diet.  It’s not a “lifestyle change” 

...that’s really a diet.  

And you don’t need superhuman self-control.  

You need a guide who spent twenty years avoiding dinner parties and ten years learning about the human brain.  

Who has a B.Sc. in Cognitive Science and a PhD in Philosophy of Science 

When I finally said “Bye, Felicia” to my last diet, I leveraged my education, experience, and obsessive curiosity to create an integrative mind/body process for teaching this practical new version of mindful eating that fits into your life.  

Because as much as I love mindfulness, I know you don't have time to chew every bite 100 times or take 10 minutes to eat a raisin.

Results are typical 

Let’s talk about you joining one of my exclusive programs or 1:1 coaching