YouTube saved my life

How I learned to stop worrying and love my body

Have you spent (decades of) days...

Obsessing over and asking: what’s for dinner?
White knuckling your way through a cookie  craving?
Fasting all day because you have dinner plans at 6pm?

Yeah?  Then we should work together.

Because I understand that even if you’ve worked your butt off to be the smartest, most successful, and most accomplished...  

With the advanced degrees, the successful business, and the ideal clients...  

Who manages the personalities, the finances, and the strategic vision (and makes it look easy)...

Yet none of your achievements matter because you hate your body, and you’re pretty sure your body hates you.

This is the decade that it stops.  I'll help.

Hi, I’m Dr. Brooke Nicole Smith


Wife, trail runner, and passionate lover of oatmeal ginger cookies.

Before mindful eating, I lost hours studying nutrition labels, berating myself over cookies that had fallen into my mouth, or fasting in anxious preparation for a non-optional dinner commitment.

I almost turned down a major career opportunity because I didn’t want customers to see me. 

Doubling down on my workouts, I stopped eating everything that wasn’t a superfood.

Waking up hungry at 2am to eat handfuls upon handfuls of almonds.

Snapping at my husband any time it took him more than 10 seconds to respond to a text message.

Cried in my car.

Hated my clothes.

Hated myself.

I had tried EVERY diet.

And fallen back into the sea-salt caramel chocolate-chunk cookies...every single time. 

Even after repeatedly diet-and-exercising myself into a state of nutrient deficiency, anemia, and chronic digestive troubles... 

I still felt like a failure every time I gave in and ate a cookie.

The YouTube Intervention

On a cold winter night (we're talking Rochester, NY cold) I was binge-watching YouTube, trying to biohack my gut microbiome for easy sustainable weight loss.

(Which seamed perfectly reasonable at the time)

An hour in, YouTube queued up another video the algorithm thought I might be interested in...

Sandra Aamodt’s TED Talk, “Why dieting doesn’t usually work”

Having dedicated most of my adult life to relentless self-control around food and eating the lowest-calorie, lowest-sugar, most superfoodiest diet possible, I tried every kind of denial.  

But when we got to the science of how dieting causes weight gain, I spit out my dandelion detox tea to say out loud...

Wait, I’m not a failure?

(and neither are you!)

My body had been doing an excellent job of keeping me alive despite my best efforts to starve it.  (Yours is, too)

After a deep dive into intuitive eating, health at every size, and rejecting diet culture, I found my way to a practical version of mindful eating that worked for me and easily fit into my life.

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I stopped fighting my body

I gave up on diets requiring superhuman self control and tuned in to my body’s natural feedback system. 

Here's what happened in the first 12 months after quitting dieting and learning to eat mindfully...

✓ I eat when I’m hungry *gasp* and don’t think about food when I’m not.

✓ Finished my MBA.

✓ Started a demanding new job in technology sales... and crushed my first year quota.

✓ Purchased and renovated a rental property.

✓ Ran my fastest marathon yet.

What would you accomplish if you weren't fighting your body?

Let's talk about you...

You’ve tried EVERY diet and you are done - you want eat food you enjoy while effortlessly nourishing your body without deprivation, forbidden foods, or spending all day Sunday meal prepping.

You want to focus your energy on nailing your sales calls, serving your clients, and celebrating with your sweetie - not counting the carbs in your breakfast scramble while trying not to think about toast

You’re ready to get off the weight loss rollercoaster and know you can have a few bites of chocolate torte without wanting to eat the whole damn thing - and that your designer jeans will still fit tomorrow

More than 95% of diets fail, and you deserve better.

Scientists have even said there’s no question that dieters will regain their lost weight, the only uncertainty is how long will it take.  

When the weight comes back, your body will want to overachieve - rewarding you with a few more pounds than you started with.

Anyone can come along and promise you the next quick fix...

But you know it doesn’t last. 

Above all else - you’re looking to permanently end this battle with your body. 

Break free from the endless cycle of binging and deprivation.

Enjoy a cookie without feeling like a failure (or eating the whole box).

Unexpectedly crush your to-do list now that you aren’t obsessing about food all the time.

And I’m here to show you how. 


I have 3 superpowers you really want on your side...

1. You need an expert who knows their stuff.

My mom used to collect $2 bills.  At 3 years old, I marched into her bedroom and announced that I had 4 $2 bills and therefore I had $8.  

No math lessons for me at 3 but already, I had a knack for not just memorizing new information, but organizing it in my mind so that created one cohesive body of knowledge. 

(I also notice when stuff doesn’t match - it’s really annoying).  

With a PhD, MBA, MS, BS and more professional certifications than I could fit on this page -- RYT-200 Yoga Instructor and Integrative Wellness and Life Coach are the most relevant for you.   

My insatiable appetite for knowledge and freakish ability to manage it is what enabled me to synthesize cognitive psychology, embodied mindfulness, yoga, and a sprinkle of neuroscience and eastern philosophy into the magic I share with my clients.

2. You need your guide to keep it simple.

In highschool, I taught my friend Michelle statistics with lots of baseball examples (the players in our math problems always had cute butts)

From psychology, sociology, philosophy, and history of science at the college level, I’ve been a teacher before.

I’ve taught Lean 6 Sigma to corporate executives and mentored dozens of certification projects.  My student success stories include assembly operators, senior executive leaders, and everyone in between.

As a yoga instructor, I’ve been told that my verbal cues are like a hands-on assist.

3. You need a coach to show you your blind spots

I was born to be a coach and learned to be an okay friend. Why?  A friend jumps into your perspective and sees things the way you do.

A coach stays outside your perspective so they can help you see what you don’t see - this is how clients get big breakthroughs.

Like my client who was obsessing about eating pastries, until I helped her see her thoughts that she “shouldn’t” eat the pastry were causing her way more angst than the pastry itself.

Once she realized the pastry is just a little pile of baked ingredients and she could eat one any time she wanted to, she enjoyed a butter tart when she did eat it, but rarely wanted to eat them.

Or my client who was obsessing about chocolate chip cookies, until I helped her see that her thoughts…

You get the picture.

Ready to think about something other than butter tarts and chocolate chip cookies?